It may be redundant to mention this, but it’s worth repeating; video production is not just for TV anymore. Today audiences are online and not watching Network TV at all or very little.

While TV is still important, online is even more, and mobile devices even more. Viewers are watching video content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Video content is everywhere. And how you come across is insanely critical when you consider that the tap of a finger is all that stands between your video content and your message’s success.

Entertainment is key, boring kills. Don’t get caught up in tedious marketing messaging. Initially no one cares all that much, but if you get them to laugh, or think, you’ve opened the door to what you really want them to know about your product or service.

We’ll help get you there in an entertaining way while keeping your marketing goals clear.

Let's make some video!

Video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019. Source

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Some things to consider when producing video for the web

  • Good writing
  • Production value
  • Know the medium