Inbound Marketing


The advertising applecart has been turned over. With less and less people viewing marketing messages in the more traditional places like television, newspapers, etc. And becoming resistant to marketing messages. It has become more complex and challenging developing an effective marketing plan. 20% of marketers are using Inbound Marketing practices, which means that you’re business can gain an advantage over your completion by starting now.

2% of visitors are ready to purchase a product when they first visit your site.

86% of potential customers start the sales process online; that means they will not pick up the phone and call your number. Everything they know about your business was gathered from online sources, that includes Google search, blog posts, social media and traditional forms advertising. On average it takes 6-8 months to develop a relationship with a new customer. Knowing how they found you and capturing their interest in your product or service is more important than ever.

What are you doing to reach your potential customers?

Drawing a roadmap that includes lead generation, site banner ad display, email and landing pages, microsites, social marketing and content creation, you can gain new customers in ways that were not possible in the past. Developing a mix of outlets will benefit your business in effective ways and will maximize your marketing budget. Effekt is here to help you create a plan that will bring results.




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But online/digital still dominates these small and medium-sized businesses — where nearly 60% will increase media budgets in 2015 from around 50% in 2010. In particular, mobile media will get the greatest increase — from near zero in 2010 to 50% of those saying they will spend more in 2015.

Some things to consider when creating an online marketing plan:

  • Mix between online/offline
  • Lead Generation programs
  • Social Media
  • Creative product
  • Online Media Plan